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#RamadanTips – Episode 10: Strengthen Family Ties


Families are considered to be at the heart of every Muslim community.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Do not ever sever your relationship with a member of your family even if he severs his relationship with you.”

Islam has a tremendous emphasis on the founding, preservation, and protection of family kinship. Various Quranic verses and ahadith instruct Muslims to be kind, merciful, affectionate and caring towards parents and relatives.

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Learn your lineages to solidify your family ties. Verily, keeping family ties causes love among the kinship, enriches the wealth, and increases the lifespan.”

But why is the emphasis so deep? Why is maintaining good relationships so important?

Family life is the foundation of human society, providing a secure, healthy, and nurturing environment. The best place to pass on and develop human virtues such as love, kindness, mercy, and compassion is family.

There might be many thoughts popping in your mind.

⚡ Am I keeping in touch with my immediate family?

⚡ Have I been checking on them often?

⚡ How are my relations with my family?

⚡ Are all these in alignment with the guidelines my creator has laid down for my benefit?

💎 Yes, it is something we should reflect upon. So this Ramadan, while we still are preparing and nurturing to receive the blessings, let us add kinship to our list of things that need our attention.

The act of maintaining the bonds of kinship is called – Silatur-Rahim. It has been defined as politeness, kind treatment, and concern for all one’s relatives even if distantly related, corrupt, non-Muslim, or unappreciative. While nearly every religion has emphasized good family relations, Islam has taken it to unprecedented heights.

Ramadan is the time to connect with family and loved ones. And if you are inspired to mend any broken relationships, or are planning to exchange gifts during Ramadan, take a look at our elegant digital products you can use to take a step towards gaining more rewards. Remember, every reward is multiplied in this blessed month. You will find the link in the bio!

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