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Meet Arwa Houry, a creative director, problem solver, technophile, and the founder of Intelligent Designz – a full-service marketing and design agency.

Arwa helps nonprofits and established businesses generate more revenue, gain more customers, and take their business to the next level.

With over 10 years of top-level design and technology experience, Arwa brings hands-on expertise, and step-by-step strategies to the table for her clients spanning everything from setting systems and business development skills, to design and marketing.

Founder | Creative Director #ArwaHoury


Since launching Intelligent Designz in late 2017, Arwa has cultivated relationships with many nonprofits and local businesses and polished their online presence to look and feel the way they have always wanted.

People love working with Arwa because of her passionate presence and her unwavering commitment to supporting businesses in their growth journey.

At Intelligent Designz, we handcraft and deliver personalized, thoughtful digital experiences, including websites, branding design, and marketing strategies, and change the way brands connect with clients. We love bringing our clients visions to fruition and helping their businesses grow. We are forever taken by the whole process — the joy of being a part of the journey, shaping brands, or simply making site color palette decisions — We love seeing it all unfold.


  • Web Design and Development
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Creative Services


If you are even a little bit curious about how we help you realize your brand’s potential, don’t hesitate to schedule a conversation.

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